3 Quick Breakfast Ideas – 4 Ingredients

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day and I love making these huge meals most mornings. Lately my mornings are very hectic, whether I have to jump on a zoom meeting or run to the office, I do not have the time to create these elaborate meals anymore. Here 3 breakfast ideas that are quick, easy, delicious, nutritious and are my weekly staples.

Avocado Cup with scramble eggs, spinach and smoked salmon. What I like about this meal is that it is healthier option , carb free ( keto friendly) and essential nutritious elements to get through the morning. You get heathy fat from the avocado, protein from the eggs, omega-3 and protein from the smoked salmon and iron, vitamins etc from spinach.

Granola Parfait with greek yogurt, blueberries and almond butter granola. This is great if you are not in the cooking mood but want something other then cereal ( nothing is wrong with cereal). It is sort of like having dessert for breakfast in a way. You get the sweetness from the the blueberries, tartness from the greek yogurt and texture from the from the granola. When you get all three ingredients together it makes for the perfect bite.

Avocado Toast with an over medium egg and smoked salmon is my number 1 favorite breakfast meals. A different rendition of the avocado cup but with toast added. The best part of this meal is that the runny eggs act like a sauce on the toast.

These are my go to meals that get me through each and every morning. Please comment below and let me know what is your go to breakfast?

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