Grocery Shopping Review: Lidl

So I noticed this grocery store named Lidl popping up all over Atlanta. I did some research and figured out that this supermarket is based out of Germany, selling high quality goods at low prices. So I decided to visit my local Lidl grocery store to see what they have. To be honest I did not have any expectations whatsoever. Since the market sounded similar to Aldi (which is another German based supermarket) that I am not a fan of. Boy was I wrong.

Upon entering the store I was amazed. They have a great selection of produce, I got a pound of shallots for $2.00 !!Lidl also has a great bakery section as well. Like all grocery stores there name brand goods as well as Lidl brand goods. Although Lidl does remind me of Aldi ( such as they do not supplies grocery bags etc) but it is so much better. The prices are pretty affordable, my groceries were a under $50. So if this market is in your area I would definitely check it out, finding what you need and more!

Is this market in your area? If so what are your opinions?

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