Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite grocery stores. They have a lot of health foods / products that would be soo expensive at other grocery stores ( cough cough Whole Foods) at affordable prices. Also there customer service is amazing! So here is what I bought from Trader Joe’s.

Mushroom & Black Truffle Flatbread with Mozzarella Cheese

I actually got this on a whim and it is fantastic! The black truffle is really potent and wonderful. One of the best frozen flatbreads I’ve had. I just wish it was bigger, but am just being greedy lol.

Thai Sweet Chili Veggie Burger

My first time getting this veggie burger and It was pretty decent. I do not think I would get this again because its not that filling and I have had better.

Ahi Tuna Steaks

I love Tuna steaks and usually have them for lunch. I sear the tuna on both sides and voila the perfect meal. So quick and easy to cook.

Sunflower Oil

I decided to use sunflower oil instead with extra virgin olive oil just to try something different. Not sure what I think of it yet.

Almond Butter Granola

My first time getting this granola and it is soo good. I love the crunch and it is absolutely amazing when pear it with greek yogurt and blueberries. Makes for a great breakfast.

Vitamin E Oil

If you have very dry skin I would recommend using vitamin e oil blend as a overnight treatment. It is very thick and moisturizing.

Non Fat Greek Yogurt

I love greek yogurt! it is so light, lower in sugar and the most important part taste great. Also it can be added to a variety of recipe. So I always keep greek yogurt in my fridge


Makes for a great snack. At times I do have a sweet tooth, so these blackberries help relive my sweet cravings.


Love blueberries with granola, best in the world!

Balela ( Mediterranean Chickpea Salad)

One of my favorite items to get from Trader Joe’s. Contains chickpeas, black beans, tomatoes, garlic, mint etc. It is so refreshing. It does have a vinegary taste and has a lot of herbs in it. When every I make tuna steaks I usually have balela as a side.

Tabbouli ( Mediterranean Salad)

This salad contains chopped parsley, tomatoes, onion, mint and olive oil. I love to mix tabbouli and balela, makes for a perfect salad.

This is all I bought from Trader Joe’s. The total was about $50 ( on the next haul I will include the price of each item).

Are you a Trader Joe’s lover? What is your favorite grocery store item?

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  1. I’m finally going to Trader Joe’s this week!! First time. I have a list and I’m ready! πŸ˜€

  2. Finally making my first trip to Trader Joe’s this week!!

    1. staceats12 says:

      You will love it!! They have everything. 😊

      1. I’ll have to post what I find! I’m really an adult now…excited for groceries!

      2. staceats12 says:

        Right😊!!! Your adulting to the fullest πŸ˜‚. I look forward to your post.

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