Starshine Cafe & Patisserie

Funny story!!! I am traveling for work this morning and I ended up in McDonough, Ga ( which is 45 minutes south of Atlanta, Ga). I was starving but since I am not familiar with the area I wasn’t sure where to grab some breakfast. So I used good old google to look up restaurants and @starshinescafe pop up. Looked at Starshines Café menu and it was 5 minutes away from my location so off I went. Cute little cafe located in downtown McDonough. Conversed with the friendly staff a little bit. I learned that that the cafe has been open for 2 months and that everything is made in house. The owners were doing curbside at their home for a while. So this is there first brick and mortar store. I became very excited. So I ordered the smoked salmon bagel.  That smoked salmon bagel was delicious , everything is perfect. As you can see they give you a good amount of smoked salmon, the capers give it the right amount of salt, cream cheese bind everything together and the bagel was nice and fluffy but not dense at all!! I would definitely come again!! Thanks @starshinescafe

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