My Experience of Being Vegan for 30 Days

As stated previously for the past 1 1/2 years I have not eaten any chicken, red meat or pork ( still occasionally having fish) and seldom having any dairy products. So I decided to challenge myself and become vegan for the month of March, just wanting to see if I can. The Verdict ….. it was not as difficult as expected!!! There was a few adjustments but nothing drastic. There were a few things I noticed about becoming vegan.

  • Vegan Food Is Expensive as Sh*t. An example is if you go to a restaurant and order a vegan entre it will be twice the price of a regular entre. Also lets say you go grocery shopping and get a premade/ prepackage vegan hot dogs or burgers it will be probably $5 or $6 for 2 in a pack. An easy solution for this is to cook and make everything from scratch. So I cooked a lot at home to keep the cost down and the food taste better as well. ( Also a lot of vegan foods from restaurants are very bland as well.)
  • Another thing I noticed is that you have to pay attention to your protein intake. Protein is a nutrient that the body needs in order to function everyday. Meat has a lot of protein in it, so there is not need to think about protein you automatically get it from eating meat. But when going vegan you do have to make sure you are going enough protein. So for protein I ate a lot of beans and nuts.

I do not think I am going to be 100% vegan ( I really love fish). But I will minimize my dairy intake and incorporate more vegan dishes in my diet. So I do recommend trying veganism for at least a month and see how you like it.

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  1. Yeah, I would really love to become a vegan also but I’m living in India now and tea without milk in it is not really a thing here. Also I sometimes like a little milk in my coffee. And when I come home to visit my family in the US, I mean we have to have pizza night.

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