30 Day Vegan Challenge

Black girl laying down making the duck face

So… I have been a pescatarian for about 1 1/2 years and it was not that hard giving up meat ( chicken, beef, pork). Then I decided to gradually give up dairy, that was not so hard to do either ( except cheese I LOVE PIZZA!!). I wanted to challenge myself and be completely vegan for a month, just wanting to see if I can.

It has already been a week and this is what I have noticed. Veganism is more then eating salads and lot of “vegan foods” are expensive. By that I mean pre made food such as vegan burgers, vegan hot dogs, vegan nuggets etc. The alternative to that would be cooking, cooking is ( in general) cheaper then getting something premade or from a restuarant. So I do have to cook alot more often but I cook a lot anyway so that is not such a problem.

So far so good with the vegan challenge!! I will be posting some of my creations on here. I am on IG @staceats87 where I post alot of foodporn :)!!! If anyone has any vegan recipes you want to share please comment below!!! I love trying new recipes!!

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