Statesboro Trip!!!!!

This past weekend my family and I went to Georgia Southern University located in Statesboro, Ga to visit my sister (Courtney). For the past 4 years my family been attending family weekend at Georgia Southern, this year would be the last year since Courtney is graduating 🙁 in May.  Now Statesboro is not the food capital of the world at all but there was one particular restaurant that stood out.



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Chazito’s  Latin Cuisine is a Puerto Rican Restaurant  located obviously in Statesboro, Ga. I order the Loco Mofongo which is sweet plantains mashed topped with a meat of your choice : pork, mojo chicken, roasted beef, or veggies ( I chose veggies). The entrée comes with a side and I chose yuca fries ( yuca is a starch similar to potatoes). The food in general was pretty good. The plantains are sweet and savory paired great with the veggies but I thought that the vegetables could of benefited with more seasoning. The yuca fries were the best part of the dish, crispy on the outside and soft inside. I would trade potatoes fries with yuca fries anytime!!! What I did not like was that the temperature of the dish was lukewarm also when I think of latin cuisine spices, peppers come to mind. I do think some jalapenos or some other hot peppers could of been perfect on the dish, just my personal preference.

The cocktails are amazing!!!! My sister ordered the house Sangria and I ordered a drink called the G-Spot. The G – Spot has cucumber, elderberry and water. It all blends together perfectly, you can smell the aroma of the cucumber and you can taste the freshness of the drink because it is handcrafted . The alcohol that is used Vodka is locally distilled from Savannah. They do not skimp on the alcohol at all, so after 3 drinks I was lite!!!! I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Great food, drinks and atmosphere!! Also the owner of Chazito’s went around and greeted all the customer, he was very gracious, sweet and I really appreciated that!!!











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